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Eptic Pushes Boundaries with Newest Single ‘Shadow People’

Belgian dubstep producer Michaël Bella, who is behind the energetic DJ persona Eptic, continues to push creative boundaries when it comes to producing music. From a young age he had a love for both Rock & Metal and Drum & Bass. These influences along with his loyalty to old-school and classic dubstep helped form the unique style that helped him find favor among many listeners all over the globe.  The young artist has seen growing success in the last several years, appearing on high caliber lineups for some of the biggest festivals in the world such as the US staple Electric Daisy Carnival, and the iconic Tomorrowland and RAMPAGE festivals held in Belgium.

So what has the artist been up to? After a widely successful headlining tour in 2018 and some widely reputable collaborations in 2019, the producer has been tirelessly at work to progress. Following the release of his last track “Stop Pretending,” Eptic has hit the ground running in 2021, and has returned to Monstercat to release another brand new single. Listen to the track, titled “Shadow People,” below!

With a very creative opening, this track immediately draws interest, providing the listener with a concoction of sounds that almost give off jungle or safari vibes. Persistent and relentless whopping bass then takes over, embedded with intermittent glitch-like edits. The song then changes tone completely, and creates a very zen atmosphere, accompanied by drum beats and a flute style melody. Eptic doesn’t let you relax for long, though, as he quickly turns the heat back up and throws you right back in to the shadows. If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, then you’ll definitely want to experience this one of a kind artist. Check out the new track and watch out for the shadows!

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Source: Monstercat

Photos: L.Leuterio Photography / Jacob Tyler Dunn

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