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Illenium pairs up with rapper and vocalist iann dior for the “First Time”

Illenium has graced us with his latest single, “First Time”, featuring iann dior, making for a new direction in the music of Illenium. iann dior has definitely brought some fresh vibes to the track with his hip-hop/pop fusion.

Prior to the release, Illenium accelerated the anticipation of this track by hand-delivering USBs with a snippet to “First Time” to his fans. Illenium posted a reaction video of each fan he visited and based on their response, his fans seemed more than honored to have heard the new music. In addition, he took the USB idea to the next level by hiding 2 of them in Downtown Denver. The two fans found them instantly and were very stoked about capturing the prize!

The track itself does an excellent job of blending both of these artists’ styles. You’ve got the five-piece live band production from Illenium playing in the background; the guitar, drums, piano, etc. Then you have iann dior’s punk vocals to top off the foundation of this song, making a perfect track for the duo. Also we have to give props to the amazing cover art for the song that paints a vivid picture reminiscent of the 2000’s punk music culture.

Illenium has already gotten a ton of positive feedback from this track, including a personal shoutout from Jimmy Fallon’s segment #JFJAM on his Instagram story and features on 2 Spotify playlists, A-List Pop and Teen Party.

Listen to “First Time” here:

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