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Kai Wachi makes us “Cry” Wachi with his latest banger

The demigod of EDM has done it again. Kai Wachi released his latest sad boy banger, “Over My Head”, ft. Dia Frampton, this past Friday. This officially makes it the 3rd single he has released as a part of his Cry Wachi Series.

The Cry Wachi Series is a project that Kai Wachi developed for himself to experiment with Melodic Dubstep, vocals, and various kinds of synthesized bass lines. Kai Wachi is formally known for producing heavy sounds and downtempo beats, whereas this project is a new spectrum for his fans. So far, he has gradually released a couple of songs of this project over a month’s span of time, the 1st song being “Run” ft. Dylan Matthew (released April 2020), followed by his 2nd single “After All” ft. Fytch. (October 2020). It’s evident that Kai Wachi is taking this project seriously, as he spends a lot of time producing each song one by one.

Before the release of “Over My Head”, Kai Wachi previewed the single on TikTok, receiving a great amount of appraisal from his fans in the comments. Fans were showing excitement by saying they were looking forward to a “Cry Wachi live set” and to “cry at the gym” given that Kai Wachi is also a gym influencer.

Needless to say, “Over My Head”  fits right in the Melodic Dubstep category, including profound lyrics such as, “When did it all break away? How did it all begin to end?” where these questions make you ponder about where your life could be going towards. The lyrics follow with, “I feel the water rising every time I’m in over my head”, pressuring you to overthink and being in over your head. The 1st drop includes layers of a synthesizing bass that stretches amongst the musical scale, along with a screeching sound that sends chills throughout your entire body. If that drop wasn’t already heavy enough, wait until you get to the 2nd drop. The 2nd drop unexpectedly flips a switch. Sounds of shooting lasers come in from every angle, along with a fierce and powerful kick drum, filling every part of the drop and completing the entire song.

Once again, Kai Wachi has successfully struck us with another Cry Wachi banger, leaving us on an emotional rollercoaster filled with crying and headbanging.

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Photo: Luis Colato

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