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Legendary producer Kaskade’s debut Monstercat EP ‘Reset’ is out today

Pioneer of Electronic Dance Music Kaskade released his debut ‘EP’ on Monstercat! 

This beautifully crafted EP holds a sense of nostalgia as well as Kaskade’s impressive mix of his signature uplifting beats and hypnotic house. Coupled with award-winning video game ‘Rocket League’, Kaskade has released a series of songs on Monstercat’s record label including ‘Miles To Go’ in collaboration with Ella Vos on Monstercat Silk, a recent partnership with  LA’s leading progressive deep house label, Silk Music. 

Although the singer-songwriter Ella Vos is usually associated with the Indie Pop scene, Vos has a voice that can transcend various genres. “Miles To Go” is a perfect reflection of that.  “Underneath the uplifting good vibes of ‘Miles to Go’ is a message to ‘keep going’. The work in our relationships with each other and the world are never finished; we can always become better. I’m honored to work with Kaskade and Rocket League and I hope this song inspires hope and unity” Vos shared. Kaskade feels “Miles To Go” is the EP’s most significant song; inspired by the producers desire for unity and integration and the hard work that lies ahead for America. “Miles To Go” serves as a subtle reminder to us that with a bit of hard work and dedication, we can accomplish anything. Over the years, Monstercat has contributed many soundtracks to Rocket League and has provided many opportunities for artists to connect with their audience and form a long-lasting dedicated fan base.


Since December, the Grammy-nominated producer has released several exclusive high-octane songs in partnership with the video game Rocket League. The video game features several songs from the label , such as “Flip Reset” ft. Will K, “Solid Ground” and “Closer” which have over 15 million streams to date.  His newest single“ Miles To Go” is available now as the game’s main menu song and Spotify

The global dance audience is growing as Rocket League has found a way for gamers and music aficionados to emerge themselves in the game, all while listening to Kaskade’s full “Reset” EP. Rocket League Season 2 is the games first ever music-themed season, “Working with Rocket League as the first artist to conceptualize and create music for an entire season of their game was such an honor, and I also knew I couldn’t mess it up…gamers take their music and sonic landscapes very seriously” Kaskade shared. 

Renowned electronic dance legend Kaskade continues to surprise us with his incredible talents as he introduces a plethora of new music on his debut EP ‘Reset’ for our gaming pleasure. ‘Reset’ brings me a sense of belonging and hope for the future. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did me. Go check out Kaskades debut EP ‘Reset’ out now! 

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