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LO’s Musical Forays Extend To New Album With ‘Night Owls’

After releasing a pair of singles in 2020, ‘BLU’ and ‘LOST IN A DREAM,’ LO shows up on Absent Mind with his second complete album. Constantly looking to progress his musical depth and experimentation as an artist, Night Owls is a darker, more complex look at his persona, with rich instrumentation and vocal layering.

Drenched in weighty synths as well as off-beat forays into down-tempo explorations, there is a powerful, soulful theme that gives the LP continuity. It is works that the Berlin based producer has been honing since 2018, and he shares: “It’s taken quite a long period of time to get to this point. I feel that the album’s quality in terms of songwriting and sound design really benefits from this. Written and worked on strictly after dawn, it shows a darker, more melancholic side of LO.”

Take a listen through LO’s Night Owls below.  

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