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Mix Fix: Dion Timmer @ Lost Lands 2019

Welcome back to another week of Mix Fix! We’re changing up the vibe a bit, bringing in Dion Timmer and his legendary Lost Lands 2019 set. Let’s get the ball rolling!

What we like about this set

With this set, Dion Timmer takes us back into the Prehistoric times of Lost Lands. It sets forth with an enchanting introduction and vibrant play-on-words. Then it slowly eases into the song “Plug Me In” and hits you with a banger remix drop. Dion Timmer continues his set with HE$H’s “Hoods Up” remix at 5:00. Some of my other favorite parts include “Rescue” at 22:00, leading into “Neon Phantom” and the Ultimate Sex VIP. Another highlight includes “Plug Me In” again at 38:50 except he drops the VIP. There are lots of VIPs going on in this set, but Dion Timmer did an incredible job making this set an all-access party for everyone!

I’d definitely recommend taking this set to your next workout. It’ll get your blood pumping and you grooving at the same time. You could also take this set to your next at-home rave, bringing the neon party back to life!

About Dion Timmer

Dion Timmer, born in the Netherlands, discovered his love for music at 10 years old. He’s worked insanely hard to get to where he’s at and is a staple Dubstep artist for many festivals. Excision played a huge factor in his career by him being his mentor and has also been to festivals all around the world. The theme of his music revolves around a “neon vibe” which led him to his nickname “Neon Dion”. Dion Timmer has and will continue to leave huge impacts on the EDM industry.

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Connect with Dion Timmer: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud


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