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Mix Fix: “Listen If You Like Slander” by NESZLO

Hey YOU! Are you seeking ways to enhance your EDM listening experience? Do you want to find ways to incorporate the rave life into YOUR everyday life? Great news, you’re in the right place.

This is a new segment called “Mix Fix”. Every week we will select a mix/set that we enjoy listening to and highlight our favorite parts of it.

I hope you find this segment to be beneficial and intriguing since mixes/sets are something that has truly made an impact on my life. Listening to them is how I’ve enhanced my love for EDM, and where I’m able to know and find so many songs.

As the first pick, we’re kicking it off with NESZLO’s “Listen If You Like Slander” mix. Let’s dive in!

What We Like About This Mix

This 50-minute session makes you feel like you’re standing at a live Slander set. NESZLO has done a great job incorporating Slander in this mix while making it something of his own. The mix starts with a suspenseful medley between vocals of the songs, “Love Is Gone”, “Superhuman”, “Say It”, “Gold”, “Leaving”, and “Quiet Moments of Enlightenment”. The mix then shifts into a full 180, taking you into the dubstep drop of “You Don’t Even Know Me”. Another highlight from this mix is the transition from the classic, “Red Lips”, to Slander’s heavy metal song “Kneel Before Me” at 11:00. One last highlight to mention is the “Fix You” remix at 35:58. This part definitely gave me goosebumps!

A highly recommended time to listen to this mix is on a long car ride. It definitely gets you in your feels, but it’s also got some hyped Dubstep drops that’ll keep you amped up!


NESZLO is known for producing many masterpiece mixes. “Listen If You Like Slander” is a part of a series he has created called “Listen If You Like X” where he does other artists such as Illenium, Seven Lions, Porter Robinson, and more! He has also scaled his music career by being the co-founder of Better Than One (BTO) Collective, an elite DJ/Producer Collective founded on musical growth and collaborative support.


Check out NESZLO’s SoundCloud here.

Connect with NESZLO: Instagram | Twitter | BTO

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