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Remembering Black Label: 10 Top-Notch Songs

Never Say Die Records has decided to merge all sub labels into one, bringing Black Label to an end. While new beginnings are always exciting, this news is does leave a bit of a bitter sweet taste. Many songs from this label have shaped the bass community and were staple songs that left memories in the mosh pits. The end of Black Label has ended an era of Dubstep.

To say our last goodbyes one last time, here are 10 top-notch songs from Black Label.

#10 “Revenge of the Goldfish” by Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Subtronics

Epic monologue of Claus from American Dad turns into a revengeful drop.

#9 “Death Pit” by MARAUDA

Get in the DEATH PIT!

#8 “Rocket Fuel” by Trampa

Areeeee you readyyyy?!!!

#7 “Invaders” by Zomboy

Drop that invades your life.

#6 “Resurrection” by Krimer

Get resurrected with this banger!

#5 “Mega Punch” by Calcium

This song has got mega punches left and right!

#4 “Knuckle Sandwich” by Badklaat

Feast on Knuckle Sandwiches for dinner.

#3 “Head Crush” by Badklaat

Caution. Your head may be crushed by the end of this.

#2 “GRIIL KILL” by Carbin and K-NINE

Diamonds in the mouth.

#1 “Headbang Gang” by Trampa and Trollphace

All-time favorite Black Label song. This song is where I found my love for headbanging.


Honorable mentions

“Riddim Love Song” by Oddprophet

“Ruckus” by Trampa and MARAUDA

Never Say Die hopes to make their record label united as one, but we will always cherish the great headbanger moments from Black Label.

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