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For the first time ever, GRiZ and Elohim come together for an epic collaboration, “Bring Me Back”

For the first time ever, Elohim and GRiZ have come together to create one funky track for their fans to vibe to, “Bring Me Back”! Now if you don’t know who Elohim or GRiZ is, this is your chance to get a feel for their impact on electronic music. GRiZ is known for his future funk sound accompanied by his infamous roaring saxophone. He continues to be one of the leading independent artists in electronic music and has created a unique branding for himself. Elohim has mysteriously moved throughout the music industry over the past few years. She showcases her passion for music through her unique and obscure signature sounds. 

When these two came together for the creation of “Bring Me Back”, the anticipation for their collaboration was peaking within both fanbases. The intro to the track brings out Elohim’s love for the piano and classical elements in modern-day music. The melodic vocal used is mesmerizing and holds a very relatable message to many listeners. GRiZ’s signature funk combined with Elohim’s angelic-like vocals is what ties this track together. 

I personally think that this collaboration was everything Elohim and GRiZ fans needed. The two of them poured their heart and soul into this one and created a beautiful masterpiece. You don’t want to skip out on this release. Stream Bring Me Back now! 

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