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King of Bass Liquid Stranger unveils his first original release of 2021

The bass music king and mastermind behind the iconic record label Wakaan has finally come out from the shadows, making his first debut single of the year. Swedish producer Marin Stääf, better known by his stage name Liquid Stranger, has shaken the scene yet again, with an earth-shattering anthem that will drill its way into your core and take root within your soul. The electronic music industry has been due for a new bass anthem for 2021, and who better to deliver than Liquid Stranger. With his only other release this year being his recent remix LP for the time-warping single “Psychonaut,” this marks the artist’s second body of work to be released in 2021 and his first original release since 2020 ended. Listen to the creative, intense, and mind-altering new track, titled “The Drill,” below!

The song starts out with an ominous yet enticing introduction, with beauty and chaos melting into one as it gets closer to the first drop. The melody is almost distorted and blurred before a deep voice rumbles, “the drill,” and all hell breaks lose. With deep, stretched out basslines combined with abrasive and relentless symphonies of destruction, this track rips into your sanity like sirens into silence. The song never strays from being artistic, though, and the melodies continue to take your ears (and mind) on a wild, weird, intense journey into some of the most fun sounds that bass music has to offer. While this single feels mostly aggressive and passionate, it also has nuances of slight groove and wonk in certain rifts and energy, enticing the body to dance as the sounds drill their way further into your psyche. With unorthodox sounds, original production, and a talented mind, Liquid Stranger continues to pave his way into unchartered territory, pushing free form and experimental bass music to new heights of which it has never seen.

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