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MitiS drops melodic studio album ‘Lost’ on Ophelia Records

MitiS just dropped his second studio album ‘Lost’ on Ophelia Records. ‘Lost’ is now the third official album that has been released on Ophelia. The album consists of 12 songs and multiple collaborations with artists such as Røry, Zack Grey, Crystal Skies and Danni Carra just to name a few. Other vocalists like Ashley Apollodor and Bella Renee are also featured on the album. Being classically trained as a pianist from a young age really reflects in both MitiS’ producing and technicality.

‘Lost’ has that melodic bass sound that MitiS has now perfected since his start in 2012. The singles ‘Try’, ‘Homesick’, and ‘Hurt’ had already gained massive support making this album release long-awaited for his very loyal fanbase. MitiS had first teased the album four months ago at the very beginning of 2021. We look forward to being able to experience this album live knowing his live sets always integrate his amazing production chops and his piano roots.

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