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Songs you should know for YDG’s set this upcoming weekend

At Relentless Beats, we have been doing our best to provide you the best in entertainment every weekend! This Saturday, you can catch YDG at Sunbar, followed by Wuki. As one of my favorite dubstep artists, YDG has some vicious tunes to bring out to Tempe. Here are a few songs from him that you should listen to:

#5 Hyphy

Throwin’ down some hype alongside Riot Ten!

#4 Night Terror-YDG Remix

Terrifying remix…spooky.

#3 Work That

YDG’s latest release! It’s a change-up, bringing in the groove with this tune.

#2 Black Easter

Beware: this track’s got some nasty growls.

#1 Ghostface

This a personal favorite of mine. This build-up and drop will leave you ghost-faced.

You don’t want to miss out on YDG’s set at the Wuki show this weekend! Come headbang this Saturday, April 24th, from 9pm-2am at Sunbar!

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