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Mix Fix: Subsidia Night Vol. 3

Here’s to another week of Mix Fix! We’re switching things up. This pick isn’t a mix, but part of the collection of Excision’s new record label, Subsidia. Subsidia has been pushing efforts with releasing volumes to its 3 collections: Dawn, Dusk, and Night. With their efforts, Subsidia has granted many artists opportunities to showcase their music within a short period of time. This week, we’re going to highlight Night Vol. 3. Let’s go!

What we like about this album

The compilation of tracks on this album is raging! Each of these artists on here went off and threw out some of the heaviest tracks released on Subsidia. There are so many tracks to choose from with this album, but we’ll point out a few. “Go Back” by Nvrleft is one to check out, with its punchy basses and heavy drums! This track will definitely get your head bopping! Another track to listen to is “No Feelings” by Izzy Vadim and Head Treats. This one is very subtle, but includes a screeching type of bass that goes super hard. “Soulja March” by Bear Grillz gives off Reggae vibes, then it transitions into a fire drop. Lastly, my personal favorite from Night Vol. 3 is “Unbreakable” by LOUIEJAYXX. This prolonged build-up leaves you anticipating what will happen next. Both drops go insanely hard, including elements that take Dubstep to the next level.

Overall, every artist has stepped out and shown what they’ve got through the world of Subsidia. Subsidia is only at the beginning of its era, taking further steps into electronic dance music.


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