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Eli & Fur Release Debut Album ‘Found in the Wild’ on Anjunadeep

Eli & Fur, singer-songwriter-producer power duo created from Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman, is a labor of love nearly 10 years in the making. Finally, after many releases and mixes for Anjunadeep, they’re officially joining the family with an incredibly special debut album release. Found in the Wild is a sonic presentation in two parts, contrasting the quintessential sounds Eli & Fur have crafted and honed. The women speak on their art, saying, “We wanted to show both sides of us. We are quite varied in the way that we write music and so it made sense to have two parts living side by side. Everything we really love is on the album and we’re super proud of how it’s come together.” Hear it for yourself below.

The first half of the album is a lyrical and explorative honoring of Eli & Fur’s origin as songwriters at renowned production house Xenomania writing hits for pop acts like Girls Aloud, and it’s crystal clear the gals haven’t lost their magic touch. Speaking to the single they released ahead of the album, Fur says, “‘Wild Skies’ came together so organically and naturally. I felt like I was expressing myself without even really realizing how and the melodies just fell out of me. A lot of the time, I’ll write lyrics before the song, but with this one there was no preparation whatsoever, I just sat down at the computer with the microphone and sung, and that was that!”

The second half changes gears to solidify their position in the Anjunadeep family, charged with more upbeat, clubbier tempos and dark, emotive energy. These deeper beats are still infused with Eli & Fur’s signature evocative vocals for a creamy blend of crooning deep house. This debut is an electric start to a hopefully long and sweet career of albums for the duo.

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