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Ghastly Releases First Single From ‘Haunted Haus’

Everyone’s favorite ghost, Ghastly, just released the first single from his upcoming all-house album, Haunted Haus. This is pretty exciting given Ghastly first teased the idea of this album back in 2019! When first producing Haunted Haus, Ghastly had to overcome basically losing the entire album after his laptop and files were both destroyed. Luckily, he decided to keep moving forward and started recreating the missing pieces. He stated that with doing this it “somehow made it better than it originally was.” Listen to “Burner” now!

“Burner” brings back that old-school bass house beat and is such an all-around fun track! It’s the type of song that immediately makes you start moving. This just proves that Ghastly can truly do it all.

We can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for us with Haunted Haus.

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