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Ian Snow Presents ‘Dissolution’ EP via FiXT Noir

Out now from Ian Snow is Dissolution, a four-track EP that smacks with authenticity. Though he’s moved away from his previous artist name SNOWMASS, the young artist has made waves in the mid-tempo scene already. Snow showcases this collection through the FiXT sub-label, FiXT Noir. Listen below:


We’re completely into the vibes Ian Snow puts on display here! There are two exclusives hiding within the tracklist, “Dissolution,” a slow-burning tune with super dynamic drop, and “Anarchy,” a high-octane listen that was co-created with KYB.

Grateful that this EP is now seeing a release, Ian Snow says: “It’s funny that the name of the EP ended up being Dissolution because I never thought that track would see the light of day. To be honest, I had almost completely given up on releasing any of my mid-tempo bass music when FiXT initially reached out. After rebranding from SNOWMASS to Ian Snow, I also changed the direction of my sound, and prepared to sacrifice a lot of music in order to stick to my new lane. However, this genre of music isn’t represented enough across electronic record labels, and I decided that I wanted these tracks to be heard, so I was more than happy to sign this EP to FiXT Noir. Big thank you to Celldweller and his team for believing in these songs.” 


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