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Nero Announces Third Album on Tenth Anniversary of ‘Welcome Reality’

Lat month NERO celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Welcome Reality. One of the most iconic LPs in the history of EDM, Welcome Reality is an entire world in and of itself. This 16-track masterclass is an outstanding and enduring example of artistic depth, range, and versatility. Whatever your sound or style may be—cinematic, electro-pop, emotional ballads, melodic dubstep, etc.—Welcome Reality has something for you. In short, one simply cannot overstate the magnitude and importance of Welcome Reality, as it has inspired and influenced countless artists over the course of the past decade.

Not only is NERO celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Welcome Reality, but they are also announcing the completion of their third studio album! While we are still waiting on further details for their third LP, there are several reasons to get excited about this massive announcement from NERO right now.

If NERO could create the iconic Welcome Reality in 2011, then there is no limit for them in 2021. Second, consider the possibilities of NERO dabbling in newer genres like melodic riddim, future drum and bass, and so many more. Taking those signature sounds and completely re-imagining them? The possibilities are endlessly enchanting.

Finally, imagine the ripple effect of this album: raising the bar for modern-day producers, inspiring the next generation, and once again changing the landscape of EDM forever. Suffice it to say, this album is one of the most highly anticipated releases in recent years!

NERO has several US tour dates scheduled between now and the end of the year, including a DJ set on Saturday, September 18th at Sunbar. Grab your tickets today!

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