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Lady Faith—Putting the Style to Hardstyle

American Hardstyle DJ Lady Faith has captured the attention of many with her seamless integration of cinematic sounds and storytelling. Lady Faith has the ability to create timeless works that echo the classic sounds of Hardstyle and brings us into a world of her creation. These elements, plus her always brilliant outfits, set her apart from other Hardstyle artists and solidify her spot as one of Hardstyle’s top acts.

Each release perfectly embodies her high energy and spirited persona. Recent releases like “Summer,” “Speak My Mind,” and “We The Peoples” serve as an example of Lady Faith’s long-lived rebellious character and immense talent. Whether you’re new to Hardstyle or a long-time veteran, Lady Faith is for you!

Don’t miss your chance to see Lady Faith live this December 4 at Aura in Tempe! Grab tickets here and connect with Lady Faith below.

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