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RB Exclusive Interview: Trampa — Traveling and Touring Once Again!

One of the greatest in UK bass, Trampa is finally back touring in the U.S. and we could not be happier! He’s got much to celebrate since his last tour, such as the release of his debut album, Disrespect, which really showcases his versatility as an artist. The tour kicked off this past weekend at our very own Goldrush Music Festival. I got the chance to chat with Trampa right after his set at Goldrush this weekend. We talked all about his debut album “Disrespect”, his brand new tour, and how great it is to be back on the road after quarantine! Check it all out below.


You’re finally back in the U.S. after a year and a half. How does it feel to be back?

It feels great. It feels great – but it feels weird at the same time, it feels like life was put on pause for 18 months. Like, I’m seeing people that I haven’t seen for 18 months but it doesn’t feel like 18 months. It feels like everything was just stopped suddenly and it’s a weird feeling, but it’s so good to be back! I feel like the energy for shows are better now as well.

Yeah, I agree! You released your debut album “Disrespect” earlier this year, what was your favorite thing about working on this project?

I feel like I had the freedom to try some new stuff out. I feel like putting singles and EPs out, like people just want to really hear dubstep – but with an album, you have more freedom to try different genres out. Honestly, I had all the time in the world to work on it as well because I wasn’t touring, so yeah.

The album is a killer combination of US Bass and UK Grime. What about those genres just work for you? Do you think you’ll continue releasing tracks outside the dubstep realm?

Yeah, I definitely will. I mean I’ll probably end up writing another album eventually – like yeah, I’m always working on different genres I don’t always just put out one.

So, you enjoy mixing genres, that’s awesome!

Yeah, of course!

How has it been working with the Never Say Die Team?

Oh, it’s great! It’s great. I mean, I owe a lot to them. Yeah, great bunch of people,  I’ve made a lot of friends along the way. Yeah, just a great bunch of people.

Going back to quarantine – did it help your creative process at all?

100% yeah. Like I said, because I was just completely focused on writing music, I wasn’t like – whereas before – I’d be writing my music and then I’d have to go on tour and I couldn’t write music on the road very well. [With quarantine] I could just focus on the music, and you know. So yeah, it definitely helped. 

You just kicked off the Disrespect Tour this week. What are you most looking forward to?

Playing the album out, to be honest. ‘Cause I haven’t had a chance to play it out, I mean apart from these past like two shows that I’ve played. Umm yeah, playing the album out and I just seeing how we’ve had a shit two years, or however long it’s been, 18 months – nearly two years, so it’s nice to see people happy again, to be honest.

Yeah, it is! It’s nice to be back in a crowd.

Yeah, yeah 100%.

Our Goldrush catchphrase is #CanYouDigIt, what are 3 things you’re digging right now?


I’m digging, *laughs* that’s a tough question. New dubstep, I’m liking a lot of the new dubstep that’s coming out. A lot of the new music that’s coming out in the bass scene. That’s one! What else? I’m actually stuck on this question. *laughs* 3 things – So new music, seeing new faces, I guess you can class that as one. I’m just happy touring again, I’m just happy to be on the road again! I’m never going to complain about touring again – I mean I probably will but you know, It’s sooo good to be back! So good to be back!

Trampa is always been such a breath of fresh air and we couldn’t be more grateful for this time to chat! We can’t wait to see how fiery the rest of his tour is while reminiscing on the amazing set he laid down at Goldrush this past weekend! Always expect the unexpected from this one!

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