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Dr. Ozi Tells a Story With ‘Hive Mind (Pt. 1)’ EP

Some of the most outstanding music tells a story. Something deep, personal, and authentic to the artist. Introducing, the Hive Mind (Pt. 1), as imagined by the one and only Dr. Ozi.

A concept six years in the making, this EP is an epochal embarkment into the mind of Dr. Ozi. Hive Mind (Pt. 1) tells the tale of Johnny Blue. Chronically plagued by horrendous nightmares, Johnny has been receiving guidance, consolation, and—most importantly—medication from Dr. Ozi. As the story progresses, the nightmares are only getting worse – even when Dr. Ozi prescribes stronger doses as well as new medications. Then, in a dark and twisted epiphany, Johnny’s life changes forever. Follow the story below:


Needless to say, all of those emotions come through loud and clear on every single track. On “50 50,” for instance, the listener can feel the heartbreak and dread as Johnny loses someone who once meant the world to him. From there, it’s a slippery slope into the darkness, anguish, and agony of the story. The second track of Hive Mind (Pt. 1), “Prayers,” is a powerful glimpse of the nightmares that have been plaguing Johnny. As Peytn narrates what’s going on in Johnny’s mind, Dr. Ozi delivers an addictively powerful drop. In the remaining tracks, Dr. Ozi delivers an incredible range of sounds and styles. With deadly drops on “Pull The Pin,” heart-wrenching synths on “Far and High,” and countless other captivating moments, the tale of Johnny Blue truly comes to life.

Of the release, Dr. Ozi says, “I want listeners to understand the story just by listening to the music. Each track has a meaning and each track has its own story to tell. Creatively, it was amazing to connect them together for the comic book. But personally, I put a lot of emotion into writing each track.”

Not only can this captivating story be heard in music form, but it can also be read via comic book by clicking here! Illustrated by Darryl Johnson, and narrated by Dr. Ozi, the Hive Mind (Pt. 1) comic book is a masterful manifestation of the imagination behind this EP.

With outstanding songwriting, sound design, music production, and even illustration, Hive Mind (Pt. 1) is an incredible journey from start to finish. Not only are the sonic and visual elements masterfully done, but so, too, are the emotional ones. Without even trying, one can genuinely empathize with Johnny Blue throughout all of his experiences. Suffice it to say, in every way possible, Hive Mind (Pt. 1) is an absolute masterpiece.

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