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Lil Texas and Kayzo Collab Again on ‘Need You’

Two of the biggest names in bass music, Lil Texas and Kayzo, are back at again with an absolute banger! Nearly two years after their impressive first collaboration, “Rules Of The Game,” “Need You” is an undeniable level-up that showcases all of their individual and collaborative talents.

In the early moments of “Need You,” the listener is greeted with a flux of classic rave synths, an energizing ambiance, and the titular “Need You” hook. The duo soon introduces a chunky snare drum, a looping “1, 2, 3, 4” chant, risers, and so much more. The hype and anticipation are practically palpable. Of course, the only thing better than a build-up is a drop. Listen for yourself below:

The first drop of “Need You” is a psytrance masterclass, complete with a gorgeous, rhythmic vocal chop and an irresistible bassline. Then, virtually out of nowhere, the drums seamlessly switch to a breakbeat, drum-and-bass-like pattern. Simply put, “Need You” is an empirical testament to both Lil Texas and Kayzo ability to enhance every single release.

Relentless Beats is proud to present Kayzo on Friday, December 3 at El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, and Lil Texas on Saturday, February 26 Tempe.

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