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Mersiv Delivers Exceptional Debut Album ‘Pretty Dark Loud’

Electronic innovator Mersiv has been hard at work building his signature sound, diving deep into the endless caverns of bass music. With his successful release of equally intense and artistic tracks, the rising producer has been on everyone’s radar as of late! Fans have been excitedly waiting for a debut album from the artist, and to their delight he’s delivered!

With a whopping 20-track album, Mersiv creates a wondrous soundscape. Check out Mersiv’s new album Pretty Dark Loud below!

With every song providing its own unique take on bass, it will quickly become a fan favorite and solidify Mersiv’s place within the bass scene. As the title suggests, the album is pretty, dark, and loud, and he masterfully plays with all 3 vibes, intertwining them as he sees fit!

Mersiv is bringing his experimental sound to Tempe on November 12th! See more info and get tickets here.

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