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REZZ Impresses With New Album ‘Spiral’

Hailing from Canada and known for snatching the souls of her listeners, DJ and producer REZZ has released her highly-anticipated new album, Spiral. Following up her most recent EP, Beyond the Senses, this is REZZ’s first big release since 2019. Additionally, this is her largest body of work to date, featuring the most tracks she has ever put out in a single project. Spiral is an impressive and wildly diverse addition to her discography. Check out the 11-track album below, out now!

With previously released favorites such as “Taste of You” (with Dove Cameron), “Chemical Bond” (with Deathpact), and “Sacrificial” (with PVRIS) showing up on the album, the rest of the new, never-heard-before tracks were already set up for success and expectedly awe-striking. REZZ takes her sound in new directions and offers various styles and tones. “Paper Walls,” with Canadian rock band Metric, is arguably the most notable track of the bunch, veering from REZZ’s typical minimalistic and dark elements and venturing out into emotion and bliss. The drop of that track is absolutely gorgeous, letting REZZ’s talent and diversity shine, and solidifying this album as a new definite favorite.

Accompanied by a tour, custom merch drop, and quickly climbing its way to the spotlight with massive partnerships from Apple and more, Spiral is already a huge success!

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