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Wax Motif Shares Vibey New Single ‘Koalack’

One of Australia’s finest, Wax Motif recently shared a new track off of his debut album HARD STREET. “Koalack” is a Tulum-inspired tune and it’s unlike anything he’s done before. Get ready to relax and unwind with #RelaxMotif. Listen to “Koalack” below:

The vibes on this track are just immaculate.It is easily one of his mellowest tracks to date, like a massage for your brain, and we’re loving it. The tropical tempo paired with the bouncing kick drums is hypnotizing.

Wax’s signature sound has grown so much in the past year, we can not wait to see where he takes us next after this unexpected beat. Expect to see “Koalack” alongside other recent releases like “Come Again” and “Thank You” when Wax Motif releases his debut album HARD STREET this December 18th.

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