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What to Expect from a Jauz ‘Off The Deep End’ Set

You may know Jauz from his hit tracks like 2017’s melodic bass tune “Ghost” with GG Magree, 2018’s bass house “On Fire” with HYPRESSION, 2020’s bass house “Bring Em Back” with TYNAN, or maybe his remix of SHAED’s radio hit, “Trampoline.” His discography spans everything from house to dubstep to trap, and the LA-based DJ/producer hits the mark on every genre he touches.

Jauz recently announced his Off The Deep End Tour on his socials, with stops set for Orange County, Los Angeles, Tempe, Austin, Boston, Denver, and Aspen. The caption read: “decided we should close out the year by shuffling our feet til we can’t feel em anymore. 7 hours of PURE. HOUSE. MUSIC. All night long!!!”

While his announcement indicated these sets would be house-focused, there was still some confusion among fans, as he also released an Off The Deep End Volume One album in 2017, along with an accompanying tour. Jauz cleared up the confusion with a second post on his socials, stating his new Off The Deep End Tour has nothing to do with his 2017 project, and will focus solely on house music. He also indicated that he always wanted the Off The Deep End brand to be an outlet to focus on the “houser, deeper, techier side of the Jauz project” but due to timing issues, he and his team had to give his 2017 album and tour the same name. However, Jauz stated that moving forward, Off The Deep End will refer to his house side project.

So what should we expect during these Off The Deep End sets? Obviously lots of house music. Whether it will be bass house, deep house, techno, or a combination of all things house, we don’t know. But we do know Jauz’s repertoire of released house music thus far has been impeccable.

You can catch Jauz’ Off The Deep End set this Saturday, November 17th at Sunbar in Tempe. Grab tickets here and get your shuffling shoes ready!

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