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Gustavo Bravetti Brings ‘Babel’ to Life

The Uruguayan performer, musician, inventor and producer Gustavo Bravetti is having a real moment in the spotlight thanks to his newest single “Babel,” out now through Virgin Germany. This is a take on the Babel soundtrack and it gives the epic and cinematic sound a new lease of life with a building trap energy.

It was immediately picked up and has since had viral plays across platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, as creators have incorporated its dramatic vibes into their own videos. For Bravetti, it is one of many dance releases he has had over a career spanning more than three decades. Listen below!

He says: “The core idea for the track came up while watching the movie Babel for the second time. The melody is on the ending credits, which I missed the first time I saw it. I immediately fell In love with its melancholic foreign flavors and wanted to contrast it with a deep-visceral bass. The result went beyond expectations.”

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