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Hairitage Drops ‘Wax Gibbons EP’ on Kannibalen Records

Aaron LeClair, better known as Hairitage, has been an artist to watch for several years. Consistently releasing mind-blowing bangers, the Wax Gibbons EP is a reminder of why the bass music community is constantly raving about this producer. Out now on Kannibalen Records, the Wax Gibbons EP is a six-track masterclass in versatility, as every song flexes a separate skill set from the extensive repertoire of Aaron LeClair.

As soon as one hits play on “Double Dipping” there is an immediate sense that this is an instant classic. As the song progresses, that feeling never fades; rather, it only grows with time. A weapon of massive destruction, “Double Dipping” is sure to be a staple in countless sets for many years to come.

Similarly, “Ravestab” accomplishes a lot within its first few bars, including a catchy hook. The sounds and styles of “Ravestab” are from completely different genres when compared to “Double Dipping.” Only two tracks into the EP and the variety is already beyond impressive!

“Don’t Stop” is also an entirely different beast from its predecessors. A beep-boop bombshell, the bass on this is made to break necks.

The titular track, “Wax Gibbons,” features a full array of sound designs, including gooey basslines, guttural wubs, dramatic stabs, dangerous drums, and so much more.

“Shoot Em,” is a no-nonsense warning shot that screams “Don’t mess with me! Not today!” Full of anger, aggression, and adrenaline, “Shoot Em” is a timeless dubstep anthem that’s sure to get listeners through their most difficult workdays, commutes, and workouts.

Last but certainly not least, “Geeked” is yet another example of how Hairitage can knock out anything he does. While the intro is lovely and refreshing, the drops are dangerous and destructive–truly the best of both worlds.

Aaron LeClair can really do it all. There is simply no limit for the bearded behemoth of bass music, Hairitage.

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