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Kill The Noise Drops Monumental Single ‘Don’t Look Back’

One of the biggest names in bass music, Jake Stanczak—better known as Kill The Noise—is back with a monumental release. His newest single, “Don’t Look Back,” is a massive milestone in many different ways. First and foremost, this is the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album. Second, this is the first official release for the talented vocalist MOELLE. Finally, this is his first solo production since his debut album, Occult Classic, in 2015. For all of these reasons and more “Don’t Look Back” is a must-listen.

In the early moments of “Don’t Look Back,” one is greeted by a lovely ambiance. With subtle evolutions building in the background and MOELLE’s breathy, rhythmic vocals on top, the listener is instantly hooked and captivated. As the melodic elements begin to blossom, MOELLE tells the listener that they should run. A fantastic fusion of heavy and lovely, the first drop of “Don’t Look Back” is a melting pot of machine gun basses, gorgeous synths, and MOELLE’s magical vocals.

The second drop contains a clever twist. While still technically melodic dubstep, the first section of the second drop is genuinely jaw-dropping. Always an innovator, Kill The Noise creates a completely new and ingenious switch. With colossal synths, booming bass, mind-blowing pitch bends, this section of the track is truly outstanding. If “Don’t Look Back” is any indication of what to expect from this forthcoming album, then one can expect an incredible collection of classic, futuristic, and simply timeless music.

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