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NAZAAR Presents New Single ‘WITH U’

NAZAAR has just released his latest single “WITH U.”  In addition to the stellar sound production, what’s really special about this single is the visualizer music video that depicts the various frustrations in life. NAZAAR should be proud of the project he has created! Check it out below.

NAZAAR – WITH U (Official Music Video)

This video shows widespread emotion, from isolation to anger. The video progresses to his realization, allowing him to let go of the past. Along with this story came glitchy snippets of a remarkable adventure.

Based on the video’s comments, it’s fair to say that NAZAAR and his friends had a blast producing this video. One quotes, “The amount of good memories we made on this shoot was unbelievable.” Another one commented, “This was such a memorable trip a whole vibe just best friends creating a masterpiece I love y’all.” The strong bond they have defines a bright future for them.

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