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Space Yacht Explores Emerging Subgenre ‘Tough House’ on New Compilation

Record label, event series, and music collective Space Yacht are known for pioneering new sounds and trends, utilizing sonic elements before they become popularized in the industry. The collective’s mission is to showcase the next generation of dance music, and they have just released a compilation showcasing a newly-minted subgenre that describes the heavier elements found within the house music universe.

The innovative EP, Tough House Vol. 1, is a unique compilation of submissions to Space Yacht’s Tune Reactor, their official Twitch stream in which they review music live on-air. Check out the 13-track mix below!

“Tough House” is described as being related to bass-house, UK bassline, and electro house. The result is an incredibly niche, new, and specified type of house music that focuses on hard, heavy, and bass-fueled production. The volume features an array of talented artists as well as notable electronic labels such as Night Bass and Spinnin’ Records. The compilation showcases the darker, industrial, and gritty sides of house music, and offers a different look into what the genre entails.


LondonBridge (co-founder of Space Yacht) had this to say regarding the newly coined subgenre, “We had been getting a ton of submissions through our live stream A&R series that had this heavy sound. It was a new sound bubbling up out of the ashes of bass house, and we knew we wanted to be involved in pushing it to the forefront.” It’s exciting to see how something this new will evolve and take in the electronic dance music industry over time, and perhaps this is the start of a beloved new subgenre.

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