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Watch: Sam Feldt & Rita Ora Share Stunning Music Video For ‘Follow Me’

Dutch DJ/producer Sam Feldt has teamed up with mega popstar Rita Ora for one of the most stunning collabs of the year. The two recently dropped their single, “Follow Me,” on Kygo’s Palm Tree Records label. “Follow Me” is a bright and uplifting track that tells the story of an undeniable love that can make it through the good times and the bad. The official music video, filmed by director Johannes Lovund, brings us back to that blissful summer state of mind. Check out the official “Follow Me” music video below:

Sam Feldt, Rita Ora – Follow Me (Official Video)

The music video portrays the life of a young couple who have been working hard on a farm in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. The two lovebirds are trying to save up enough “getaway” money to leave and start their next adventure. Just like the couple featured in the music video, Rita Ora and Sam Feldt also make the perfect pair. Between Rita’s warm vocals and Feldt’s distinctive production style, this track is flawless.

While on set for the official music video Sam Feldt stated — “For me, ‘Follow Me’ is all about being there for a special someone, and sticking with them even when times get tough. Working with Rita on this one was a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of her voice and work for a long time, so I love the fact we were finally able to do a song together. The whole process, from writing the song to filming the music video in the California desert, was so much fun and I hope this resonates in the track for the listener!”

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