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Dack Janiels and GAWM Team Up on Massive Single ‘776’

Two of the most brain-melting producers in bass music today, Dack Janiels and GAWM have joined forces on a colossal collaboration, “776.” A genuine weapon for DJs and casual listeners alike, “776” is a heavy-hitting, no-nonsense banger.

In the early moments of the massive tune, a spooky ambiance and a catchy hook emerge from the shadows. Then, a rolling snare drum, classic claps, and many more layers begin to build momentum. As the drop draws closer, a sinister synth slides its way to the forefront of the track. Soon, the madness shall begin.

In the first of three drops, the sinister synth is joined an absolutely ludicrous bassline. Between the bass, the synth, and the dangerous drums, this one should come with a warning. Then, with a faster tempo, a new synth, and even more aggression than before, the second drop of “776” is even more vicious than the first. Last but not least, the final drop is essentially an alternate version of the first, giving the listener a sense of full circle, especially as the outro will soon complement the intro perfectly.

Suffice it to say, “776” is a dark, dangerous, and downright colossal collaboration. One can expect to hear this banger many, many times in 2022 and beyond.

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