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Keys N Krates Release Music Video for ‘Original Classic’

Keys N Krates just released the music video for “Original Classic,” the title track off their album released last November. Created by animator Bird Peterson, the music video depicts an old school cereal commercial in which each of the featured artists on the track, Juicy J, Chip, and Marbl, get their own brand of cereal. Keys N Krates have their glucose levels tested as they sample the different cereals, which ultimately rise to dangerous levels, resulting in pandemonium.

Check out the video below!

Keys N Krates said about the music video:

“We knew that we wanted to bring out the fun aspect of this song and accentuate how everyone involved is a character in their own right. We linked up with Bird Peterson, who’s an incredible animator. On the first call with Bird we thought the process was going to be really collaborative and that we were going to have all these great ideas to feed him to do his thing with. Instead, he basically said, “this is the treatment” and proceeded to describe this whole 60’s style cereal commercial world he had created in his head that involved Juicy J leading children (us) into mischief. After dying of laughter, we all just said “ya go do that,” and this is what came out. We’re very happy to have found Bird and his insane talents.”

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