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Seven Lions & Jason Ross Team up on ‘See You Again’ EP

It’s been almost two weeks since Seven Lions blew our minds with his live performance at Decadence Arizona. The melodic bass and psytrance producer has blessed us once again with some new music, a two-track collaborative EP with Jason Ross, entitled See You Again.

Released on Seven Lions’ own Ophelia label, the EP kicks off with a quintessential future bass track in “See You Again,” which has been teased in Seven Lions’ and Jason Ross’ live sets throughout 2021. Switching gears completely, Seven Lions and Jason Ross close out the EP with “Orpheus,” a blend of psytrance, future bass, dubstep, and more, taking fans on a wild ride from start to finish.

Check out the EP below.

The producer has worked with Jason Ross extensively in the past, with notable collaborations like 2021’s “Pantheon,” 2019’s “Known You Before” and 2020’s “Foolish of Me.” Jason Ross is an Ophelia staple, and hopefully 2022 will bring even more collaborations between these two.

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