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Steve Aoki and DJ Diesel Welcome us to the Playhouse

Cake-throwing king Steve Aoki has recently collaborated with everyone’s favorite NBA All-Star and bass heavyweight, Shaquille O’Neal (aka DJ DIESEL) to make the trap banger “Welcome to the Playhouse.” The track with Shaq rapping over an intimidating build-up. The beat then drops as we’re properly welcomed to the playhouse with fast-paced chops, buzzes, and drums. Shaq and Steve Aoki have very different producing styles, but the two successfully combined their sounds for a perfect mixture of club, dance, and bass. Listen below!

Steve Aoki usually has a busy schedule of shows with his setup at Omnia in Las Vegas and is also set to tour many other cities throughout the country this year. DJ Diesel also usually has a crazy festival lineup including his own event “Shaq’s Fun House,” scheduled to take place in Los Angeles this February!

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