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Bassrush Releases Colossal Compilation ‘The Prophecy: Volume 5’

The latest installment of a phenomenal compilation, Bassrush Records is back once again with The Prophecy: Volume 5! Featuring several of their favorite up-and-coming bass musicians, The Prophecy: Volume 5 is a showcase for both the label as well as all of the artists involved. Needless to say, there are insane amounts of talent, energy, and excitement in this captivating collection of music.

The Prophecy: Volume 5 is a fantastic fusion of sounds and styles. While some tracks are especially aggressive and intense, others are much more methodical, experimental, and so on. Furthermore, while some songs are structured around their devastating drops, others take time to bask in their melodies, chords, midsections, etc. In any event, all of them deliver exceptionally well. Suffice it to say, whatever one’s palette might be, The Prophecy: Volume 5 is sure to make them feel alive.

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