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GRiZ and CloZee Reveal the ‘Color Of Your Soul’

Two of the most creative, charismatic, and simply captivating artists in EDM today, GRiZ and CloZee, have teamed up for an absolutely massive collaboration, “Color Of Your Soul.” A perfect combination of their styles and sounds, “Color Of Your Soul” is a genuine journey from start to finish.

Beginning with a worldly ambience, and soon blooming with an irresistibly catchy synth, the listener is immediately immersed in this enchanting intro. As the track progresses and the atmosphere builds, GRiZ and CloZee create an entire world of anticipation. Soon, this colorful culmination explodes, as the first drop launches the listener into another stratosphere.

Booming with bass, swirling with synths, and overflowing with imagination, every section of the first drop is an absolute delight. Of course, the rest of the track is no different. Following a magical midsection, the second drop contains several jaw-dropping switches, including gooey basslines, pristine pitch bends, next-level flow, and so much more.

Not only is this song a sensational soundscape overflowing with creativity and imagination, but it is also an incredibly polished and impressive work of art. In other words, the creative process behind ‘”Color Of Your Soul” was clearly just as adventurous as it was meticulous – and the lucky listener truly gets the best of both worlds.

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