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Kill The Noise and Wolfgang Gartner Collab on ‘How Ya Like Me Now’

For the second time in their illustrious careers, Kill The Noise and Wolfgang Gartner have joined forces to create an instant classic. The second single from KTN’s forthcoming album with Ophelia Records, EMBRACƎ, “How Ya Like Me Now” is a phenomenal fusion of sounds and styles.

In this sensational single, one will hear influences from countless genres, including house, complextro, electronica, and more. In addition to the vast variety of electronic elements, however, the ever-talented vocalist, Ericka Guitron, takes this track to the next level.

With a delightfully diverse vocal performance, Guitron dabbles in the styles of soul, funk, R&B, pop, and more. Between these three incredible artists,”How Ya Like Me Now” is a melting pot of nearly a dozen genres in less than 3 minutes!

Whether one is looking for a catchy hook, a lovely melody, a bouncy beat, or even a technical masterpiece, “How Ya Like Me Now” delivers on every possible level. With all of this in mind, one can only imagine what else Kill The Noise has in store on his forthcoming LP, EMBRACƎ, with Ophelia Records, coming soon in 2022.

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