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Shlump Announces New EP with Lead Single ‘Drift Away’

Blooming bass musician Shlump is back in action with a massive announcement! Introducing, “Drift Away,” the lead single from his forthcoming EP with WAKAAN! Doubling as both the lead single and the titular track of the EP, “Drift Away” definitely sets the bar. Of course, this was not only a conscious decision, but a very deliberate one too.

Easily one of his most impressive tracks to date, “Drift Away” amazes its listeners right out of the gate. The lead single begins in a soundscape overflowing with buzzing bass, swirling synths, soothing wind chimes, and lovely ambiance. Then, vocalist Pure Powers emerges with a story to share. Soon, when the atmosphere shifts, gravity pulls the listener in – guiding them towards the inevitable drop.

Meticulously calculated chaos, the drop of “Drift Away” is absolutely amazing. With an extensive array of sounds and styles from start to finish, one could listen to this drop many, many times and always find something new to appreciate. Whatever one’s poison might be—angry, wonky, or experimental wubs—one will find it here.

Last but not least, the outro is a lovely way to conclude this mind-melting experience. As the energy slows down, and momentum begins to fade, one can’t help but “Drift Away.”

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