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Tommy Trash Releases ‘Jaguwawa’ Amidst North American Tour

Australian producer Tommy Trash has returned to the Sweat It Out label for another creative release entitled “Jaguwawa.” Showcasing the producer’s versatility as he blends house textures with electro-pop beats, “Jaguwawa” consists of hypnotic rhythms and tropical percussion, resulting in an upbeat and vibrant track that will transport you to a sandy beach somewhere with a drink in your hand.

Check out “Jaguwawa” below!

Here’s what the producer had to say about making this single:

“I wrote this song after a night-long ayahuasca trip, where I was having dinner with a few alien pals, before they invited me to go up into their spaceship. The next day I wrote down ‘Go up, go up in the light,’ which would later become the lyrics for ‘Jaguwawa’. I never intended to sing this song, but the further I went down the road – it felt authentic! I’m really proud of this tune and it sums up some of my recent journeys into the spirit world…”

Tommy Trash is currently on his North American Jaguwawa Tour. He’ll be stopping at Shady Park in Tempe, AZ on February 11th. Grab tickets here!

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