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Virtual Riot Releases ‘Simulation (Deluxe Version)’

Almost six months ago, Virtual Riot released his debut album, Simulation. Now, nearly half a year later, the quintessential bass musician is back with a beautiful bonus. Introducing, Simulation (Deluxe Version). While the first 16 tracks are the same as the original Simulation LP, the deluxe version delivers six additional tracks. Beginning with “Bossfight Afterparty” and concluding with “This Could Be Us – VR Chill Remix,” the added six-pack possesses several noteworthy moments.

“Bossfight Afterparty,” for instance, begins with a brilliant 8-bit journey, virtually launching its listeners directly into a video game. Then, “REDLINE – color bass doggo VIP” takes what was already a fan-favorite and re-imagines it into a completely new, fresh, and equally captivating track. In some ways, perhaps, a continuation of “Neon Angel,” Lost Angeles” is another fantastic fusion of synthwave, dubstep, and more.

Originally released on Disciple Alliance Vol. 6 in 2020, “Dream Logic” is another fan-favorite on this legendary LP. The second-last track, “How Do I Know” with PRXZM, is a brand-new, instant classic with magic, melodic, and masterful elements.

Last but not least, Virtual Riot concludes Simulation (Deluxe Version) with a re-imagined remix of “This Could Be Us.” A soothing, healing, and simply gorgeous reprise, “This Could Be Us – VR Chill Remix” is a perfect way to end this exquisite experience.

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