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Artist to Watch: Zingara

It’s no surprise that TikTok is helping discover the next generation of talent. With thousands of new artists emerging daily and millions of new sounds being created, TikTok has become an essential platform when it comes to finding new music. This TikTok rising star has already gained a following over 270K and garnered over 3 million likes in the past year alone. Bass producer, Zingara is bringing a brand new wave to the electronic music scene. Her tracks take you on a transcendental meditation like journey, making you dive deeper into your consciousness and find a connection to your spiritual self.


Gabrielle Mirabile, or Zingara, is a 23-year-old genre-bending DJ/Producer from Baltimore. Inspired by artists like CloZee, LSDREAM, and Liquid Stranger, she has found a way to take her listeners into the astral realm by creating a new bass music sub-genre which many are describing as, “Astral Trap”. Full of vibrations, good energy, and manifestations, her releases have been nothing short of trippy bass therapy. Her viral single “Astra” caught the eye of many, including LSDREAM who has been incorporating it into his own sets. “Astra” really set the tone for what Zingara is all about. A spacey, bassy, and trancedelic project. Zingara recently released her first EP Mind & Body just last week. This EP takes listeners on their own spiritual journey through each track.

The lead cut “Mind & Body” comes with her first-ever music video, which is just as hypnotizing as the track itself. Zingara helps you find the space between your body and mind, a peaceful place where you can find safety within yourself. The next track with vocalist Holly Harper titled “Spell on You” immediately makes you release all control and fall under the intense vibrations of Zingara’s Astral Trap. “Deeper” is the third track on the EP and the wubby bass sends you into another dimension. Closing the EP out is “Magick is Real” where Zingara shifts the tempo and showcases just how versatile she can make bass music be.

After playing her first festival in May of 2021 and landing support for Subtronics’ Red Rocks show, she is currently joining SubDocta on his Strictly Business Tour this year. Zingara is gearing up to do some really big things in the music industry. Aligning baselines with electronic music as therapy, her mantras have just begun. We look forward to taking this spiritual journey and the next with Zingara as our guide for all that is to come.

Zingara will be joining us in Tempe, AZ and Albuquerque, NM this September for SubDocta’s Strictly Business Tour! You can get tickets for September 23rd at Shady Park in Tempe, AZ here and tickets for September 24th at Salt Yard East in Albuquerque, NM here.

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