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Elohim Shares ‘Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4’

Electro-pop artist Elohim can certainly do it all, from singing and songwriting to producing and performing. Her newest body of work, Journey to the Center of Myself Vol 4., effortlessly showcases her impressive production skills and creativity.

This 4th installment of the project is a massive accomplishment for the artist, as it marks the first time she is the sole artist and producer on every track of the album. Take a mellow yet invigorating journey through Elohim’s 8-track experience, each song offering something different than the last. Check it out below!

This new album is a fresh yet lovingly familiar entry into Elohim’s discography. With chill and relaxing tones combined with unique and thought-provoking soundscapes, this album is truly something special.

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Photo: Chase O’Black

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