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Kasbo Artfully Remixes Zhu’s ‘Sky is Crying’

Carl Garsbo, better known by his artist name Kasbo, has solidified a unique spot for himself in the realm of electronic music. His consistently nuanced yet beautifully constructed tracks continue to catapult him further into the spotlight as a rising star with the gentle, soothing, and emotional energy he puts into his music is breathtaking.

Tackling the contemplative and ethereal elements of “Sky is Crying” by fan-favorite ZHU, Kasbo proves that his remix ability is also noteworthy. Check out the remix below!

This new take on ZHU’s single is a stunning addition to Kasbo’s blossoming discography. Opting for a more minimal, subtle approach, he manages to keep much of the original vibe of the track intact, while adding in some melodic flourishes.

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Photo: Angelique Johner

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