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Steve Darko Releases ‘Ravers’ EP

Known for his trippy, experimental style, Steve Darko is one of a kind when it comes to house music production. A Dirtybird mainstay, Darko has cultivated his own blend of strange, dark, and sexy house music. While he got his start as a software developer in Boston, MA, he has since made his mark as a producer, and now releases regularly on renowned labels like Box of Cats, mau5trap, Insomniac, and of course Dirtybird.

Still hot off the release of his stunning debut album, Midnight Swim, last year, Steve Darko is back with a new three-track EP entitled Ravers. Check it out below!

The EP opens with the title track, which is packed full of techy punches and acid elements. “Fake” comes next, upping the ante with a dark and edgy techno beat. Closing out the EP is “Way Back,” another expertly crafted soundscape from the master of wonderfully weird himself, Steve Darko.

Steve Darko will be at Shady Park in Tempe on June 3rd. Grab tickets here!

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