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Louis The Child Give Us A Reason ‘To Believe’

Our favorite feel-good duo Louis The Child are proving to be an untouchable force once again! Releasing heartwarming projects that always carry a message of true meaning, their latest EP offers us a whole new reason To Believe. Following perfectly in suit with their previous Euphoria EP, their latest project shares a message of newfound hope when it comes to following your dreams and loving your life.

Their latest EP To Believe is a 5-track stunner that holds home to two previously released hits “Blow The Roof” with Kasbo featuring EVAN GIAA and “Cry” with Aluna. The three new additions are the title-track “To Believe”, “Gone” with Elderbrook, and “Talk” with Royal & The Serpent.  Check out the To Believe EP via Interscope Records below:

Continuing on the journey of leading a life full of positivity and surrounding yourself with nothing but happiness, Louis The Child know exactly how to capture the sound of pure joy. Proving their variation in sound, To Believe fully bursts the electro-pop bubble! The title-track starts off with pure tranquility that leads into a massive breakdown echoing the theme for the rest of the EP. Their previously released track “Cry” with Aluna is a buoyant house cut that beams with Aluna’s bubbly vocals. The third track “Gone” with Elderbrook shares a nostalgic vibe that perfectly flows into the next track “Talk” with Royal & The Serpent. Ending off the EP with a bang is a collab with Kasbo and EVAN GIAA, “Blow The Roof” that will quite literally blow the roof off of any house party.

Of the release the boys stated, “We’re so excited to give you all To Believe! This EP has themes of following your dreams and finding meaning in love and life. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

With each new Louis The Child chapter comes a new wave of inspiration. Music is just one of the many ways this duo uses art to show expression and convey their message of peace, love, and happiness in our ever-changing world. We are always looking forward to experiencing the world of Louis The Child and using it as our playground.  

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