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Flux Pavilion Drops Melodic Dubstep Banger ‘Lore

The king of bass has made a return! Flux Pavilion is back with cinematic masterpiece “Lore”. This new release is a melodic bass banger that arrives in classic Flux fashion, reminding us why he is still one of the greatest names in bass music.

Check out “Lore” released via Flux’s Circus Records below: 

After being known as one of the greatest pioneers of dubstep, Flux Pavilion has created a new revolution of bass music. This past year, Flux’s decade-long journey of dubstep took a new path with the release of his sophomore album .wav that officially transitioned us into his new sound. Leading us into an entirely new set of heavy-hitting vibrations and creating deep emotion echoed by wavy bass drops, “Lore” is the perfect shift between past and present. 

“Lore” is the foundation for Flux’s concept of the “Fluxiverse”, a fictional universe that has been developing over the past four years. The lyrics of the track come from a celestial sounding superhuman who tells us about “the four fundamental waveforms of the universe”, a distinct theme of Flux’s new era. The celestial voice then goes on to explain “The elder gods captured these powers and kept them in stasis for millennia.” and ends with “Until now, after all this time, they prepared to be unleashed.  Are you ready?” 

We are more than ready to experience the Fluxiverse. You can join us on this new journey when Flux Pavilion takes over Sunbar in Tempe this May 26th! Get more information and grab your tickets here.

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