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Steve Darko Returns to Dirtybird with ‘Abyss’ EP

Following his Ravers EP released on Octopus Recordings last March, Steve Darko has returned to Dirtybird with a new EP entitled Abyss. Check it out below!

Akin to 2021’s “How Many Times” or “Small Things,” Abyss exudes the essence of true Dirtybird style. Opening with the dark and eerie title track, Darko takes us down into the “abyss” with chaotic progressions and haunting melodic soundscapes. Just slightly more upbeat, “Stay Awake” combines dissonant chords, experimental synth work, and driving percussion.

Here’s what Steve Darko had to say about the EP:

” ‘Abyss’ is a deep, slow burner track that’s centered around a moody pad chord progression that slowly builds and fades throughout the song. I wrote this record shortly after wrapping up my album ‘Midnight Swim,’ and I think some of the vibe from the album carried on into the ‘Abyss’ EP.  The flip side, ‘Stay Awake,’ is a bit more club-centric with heavy-hitting percussion driving most of the track. But I tried to keep things interesting by sprinkling in some hypnotic, detuned synth work, and heavily time-stretched vocals. The breakdown gets pretty out of control and the pause before the last drop is always a crowd pleaser in my sets.”

Steve Darko will be at Darkstar in Tempe on June 3rd. Grab tickets here!

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