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OMNOM Leads Tech My House Vol. 4 with ‘Skinny Jeans’

Out this week is “Skinny Jeans” from OMNOM, the lead single off the San Francisco-based producer’s Tech My House Vol. 4. “Skinny Jeans” featuring Techno Tupac, is eclectic and groovy, as most OMNOM tracks are. Hit play below and try to keep from dancing!

Space Yacht started the Tech My House compilations over a year ago, highlighting the best and brightest of up and coming tech house producers. OMNOM had the honor of curating the latest edition, which featured tracks by Ocean Roulette, Arnold & Lane, Maximono, and more. Here’s what he had to say about the release:

“From a musical standpoint “Skinny Jeans” is just another step in my path to establishing my own sonic identity and imparting my vision for what the House genre is capable of achieving. And through the eclectic group of artists whom I’ve selected for this compilation, I seek to utilize this opportunity as a means of furthering that vision.”

OMNOM is heading to Gentle Ben’s in Tucson this Friday, July 1st. Grab your tickets here!

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