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Tynan & Cyclops Release ‘505’

TYNAN has made a grand return to Monstercat with his latest release, “505” with Cyclops and Guilt Chip, both making their Monstercat debut with this single. It’s an amped up single that starts slow before exploding into an array of tech sounds. Listen below!

“505” combines the best of all their styles, showcasing slapping percussion, pulsing basslines, and glitchy synths. of the track, TYNAN said, “All three of us started talking about working on a track together about a year ago. Since Guilt Chip and I live in the same town and are in the studio frequently, we figured it would be perfect for us to do a three-way collab. CYCLOPS sent us some of his WIPs and we picked “505.” The vocal sample really stood out to us as something fun to build off of. From there, Guilt Chip and I got to work and used what CYCLOPS sent to craft the song. We then sent the song back to him for final touches/additions, and then bada bing bada boom, the song was done.”

CYCLOPS adds, “The three of us all have very different styles, but “505” came together very nicely combining them. It’s like our weird yet catchy brainchild. I couldn’t be happier with it!”

You can catch TYNAN alongside Tisoki next week on June 18th at Sunbar! Grab tickets now.

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